In Celebration of Golden Rain
For Indonesian gamelan and Western pipe organ
Lawrence Moe, University Organist, UC Berkeley, commissioned this piece for the Kyai Hudan Mas (Golden Rain) great gamelan. Initially the organ plays host, the gamelan is the guest. Their interchanges are first marked by a quiet, elegant formality, until the gamelan "accepts" by moving towards the chiming, layered patterns of its traditional mode of playing, eventually inviting the organ into its soundworld. The organ's final entry is like an enormous expansion in time of a single gong stroke.
" ...continues Felciano's recent preoccupation with suspended time-sense and with the endless vistas of beauty contained within the tiny spaces of small, adjacent sounds."
Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune

" ...continually fascinating, and the remarkable ending deserves not to be given away."
Rapoport, American Record Guide