The Angels of Turtle Island
for sop, fl, vln, perc, and live electronics
A celebration of constants. Reiterative single pulses and sustained long tones are fed into a live system of signal and spacial processing, which keep the elements, once introduced, present, until, like erosion, they are gradually replaced by others. Turtle Island is the Hopi Indian name for America.
" ...three works — by Toru Takemitsu, Richard Felciano, and Hans Werner Henze, of special interest." ...(Felciano's) "Angels of Turtle Island" for soprano, flute, violin, and percussion, mixes performer choice, four-channel tape echoes, lush textures and politically inspired vocalization into a work both captivating and thought-provoking."
The New York Times

"...shimmering and evocative."
The Berkshire Eagle

" ...This is ear/eye/head music that embraces several levels of meaning; and it works."
The Musical Quarterly

"...once again there emerged a hauted, mystical quality."
The Providence Journal

"...The evening began with a remarkable work by Richard Felciano ...the music simply existed in space."
San Francisco Chronicle